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2009-12-01 Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill@…>

  •, Add string_to_xxx conversion test.
  • stringto01/.cvsignore, stringto01/, stringto01/stringto01.doc, stringto01/stringto01.scn, stringto01/stringto_test_template.h: New files.
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2## $Id$
[7862f888]5ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I ../aclocal
[7c86172a]7SUBDIRS = bspcmdline01 cpuuse malloctest heapwalk putenvtest monitor \
[dda7c828]8    monitor02 rtmonuse stackchk stackchk01 termios termios01 termios02 \
[57544fb]9    rtems++ tztest block01 block02 block03 block04 block05 block06 block07 \
10    stringto01
[1053dcd]12include $(top_srcdir)/../automake/
13include $(top_srcdir)/../automake/
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