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1This is a "problem" test in Ada versus the C equivalent.  In C,
2we used macros to :
4  + declare a LOT of local integer and floating point variables
5  + load them with values
6  + check them at certain times
7  + to avoid floating point operations on CPUs w/o hardware support
9The macros are not equivalent to subprograms doing the same thing.
10We are trying to insure that the register set is fully utilized and
11checking that it survives context switches.  If the routines are
12subprograms, then calling conventions and scoping rules apply.  Thus
13the variables do not exist throughout the entire life of the task
14as in the C test.
16It seems to point out that although the conditional compilation
17and macro capabilities of C are often abused, they do provide
18capabilities which are difficult if not impossible to mimic entirely
19with subprograms. 
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