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bsps/stm32h7: remove external memory initialization from nucleo-h743zi BSP

Nucleo board does not provide any external memory so code does not have
any function here anyway.

Sponsored-By: Precidata

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File size: 692 bytes
1SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-SA-4.0 OR BSD-2-Clause
2arch: arm
3bsp: nucleo-h743zi
4build-type: bsp
5cflags: []
7- Copyright (C) 2021 embedded brains GmbH (
8cppflags: []
9enabled-by: true
10family: stm32h7
11includes: []
12install: []
14- role: build-dependency
15  uid: grp
17- bsps/arm/stm32h7/boards/stm/nucleo-h743zi/stm32h7-bspstarthooks.c
18- bsps/arm/stm32h7/boards/stm/nucleo-h743zi/stm32h7-config-clk.c
19- bsps/arm/stm32h7/boards/stm/nucleo-h743zi/stm32h7-config-osc.c
20- bsps/arm/stm32h7/boards/stm/nucleo-h743zi/stm32h7-config-per.c
21- bsps/arm/stm32h7/boards/stm/nucleo-h743zi/system_stm32h7xx.c
22- bsps/arm/shared/cache/cache-v7m.c
23type: build
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