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  • rtemsdoc/ Use $(top_builddir)/common/common.add, $(top_builddir)/common/clean.add, header.add. Generate
  • rtemsdoc/ Remove exe_ext.
  • rtemsdoc/ Remove.
  • gccnewlib/ Use $(top_builddir)/common/common.add, $(top_builddir)/common/clean.add, header.add.
  • gccnewlib/base-gcc.m4: Replace @exe_ext@ with %{_exeext}.
  • gccnewlib/base-gcj.add: Replace @exe_ext@ with %{_exeext}.
  • gccnewlib/gccnewlib.add: Replace @exe_ext@ with %{_exeext}. Remove header, broken cdn-X configuration, %clean.
  • gccnewlib/target-g77.add: Replace @exe_ext@ with %{_exeext}.
  • gccnewlib/target-gcc.add: Replace @exe_ext@ with %{_exeext}.
  • gccnewlib/target-gcj.add: Replace @exe_ext@ with %{_exeext}.
  • gccnewlib/target-objc.add: Replace @exe_ext@ with %{_exeext}.
  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 642 bytes
1# ==============================================================
2# @target_alias@-objc
3# ==============================================================
4%package -n @target_alias@-objc
5Provides:       @target_alias@-objc
6Summary:      gcc/objc compiler for @target_alias@
7Group: rtems
8Requires: @target_alias@-gcc
10%description -n @target_alias@-objc
11RTEMS is an open source operating system for embedded systems.
13This is the gcc/objc compiler for @target_alias@
15%files -n @target_alias@-objc -f build/files.objc
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