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Patch rtems-rc-4.5.0-21.diff from Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>
which splits the current monolithic specs files into a sequence of
subparts. These can be concatenated togather to make a the whole .spec
file. This cleans up the maintenance problem of having "all languages"
and a "C/C++ only" gccnewlib spec files. Plus it should make it easier
to produce variants like the gdb-m68k-bdm which require special hackery. :)
Ralf's comments:

It addresses the way * get composed inside of the source


  • Each is broken into several files (*.add), one *.add file per sub-package.
  • Each composes spec.ins from the *.add files
  • Removal of redundant automake support files.
  • Default value for BuildRoot? changed to /tmp/<spec-file-name>
  • %clean stage added to *specs

Advantages (IMHO).

  • The *.add files are easier to adminstrate and more flexible in comparison to the former *.specs.ins.
  • now is composed from the same sources as (less errors)
  • If using the default BuildRoot? --clean now deletes all files that were generated while building.


  • has not yet been adapted to the scheme used for the other *spec.ins
  • Except for cosmetical changes the internals of the *.spec files should not have changed.

To Apply:

cvs rm -f scripts/binutils/
cvs rm -f scripts/gccnewlib/
cvs rm -f scripts/gccnewlib/
cvs rm -f scripts/gdb/
cvs rm -f scripts/config.sub
cvs rm -f scripts/config.guess
cvs rm -f scripts/install-sh
cvs rm -f scripts/mkinstalldirs
cvs rm -f scripts/missing

patch -p1 < rtems-rc-4.5.0-21.diff

cvs add scripts/*/*.add
cvs add scripts/*/README

  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 640 bytes
[63cf252]1# ==============================================================
2# @target_alias@-g77
3# ==============================================================
4%package -n @target_alias@-g77
5Provides:       @target_alias@-g77
6Summary:        gcc/g77 compiler for @target_alias@
7Group: rtems
8Requires: rtems-base-g77 @target_alias@-gcc
10%description -n @target_alias@-g77
11RTEMS is an open source operating system for embedded systems.
13This is the gcc/g77 compiler for @target_alias@
15%files -n @target_alias@-g77 -f build/files.g77
16%dir /opt/rtems/bin
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