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2002-10-29 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • gcc3newlib/gccnewlib.add: Remove %{target} != %{build} comment (RH-8.0/rpm-4.1 bogusly expands the macros and chokes.)
  • binutils/binutils.add: Remove %{target} != %{build} comment (RH-8.0/rpm-4.1 bogusly expands the macros and chokes.). Comment out CONFIGURE_ARGS (RH-8.0/rpm-4.1 is broken wrt. _build_os and _target_os)
  • gcc3newlib/base-gcc.add: Add gccint*infos.
  • gcc3newlib/base-gcj.add: Add gcj*infos. Mark manpages as %doc and pickup the gzipped versions.
  • Property mode set to 100644
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1# ==============================================================
2# rtems-base-gcc
3# ==============================================================
4%package -n rtems-base-gcc
5Provides:       rtems-base-gcc
6Summary:        base package for rtems gcc and newlib C Library
7Group: rtems
9%description -n rtems-base-gcc
11RTEMS is an open source operating system for embedded systems.
13This is the files for gcc and newlib that are shared by all targets.
15%files -n rtems-base-gcc
16%dir %{_prefix}/info
17%doc %{_prefix}/info/*.gz
18%doc %{_prefix}/info/*.gz
19%doc %{_prefix}/info/*.gz
20%doc %{_prefix}/info/*.gz
21%doc %{_prefix}/info/*.gz
22%doc %{_prefix}/info/*.gz
24%dir %{_prefix}/man
25%dir %{_prefix}/man/man1
26%doc %{_prefix}/man/man1/cpp.1*
27%doc %{_prefix}/man/man1/gcov.1*
28%dir %{_prefix}/man/man7
29%doc %{_prefix}/man/man7/fsf-funding.7*
30%doc %{_prefix}/man/man7/gfdl.7*
31%doc %{_prefix}/man/man7/gpl.7*
33%dir %{_prefix}/include
35%post -n rtems-base-gcc
36  if test -d $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX%{_prefix}/info;
37  then
38    rm -f $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX%{_prefix}/info/dir
39    f=`find $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX%{_prefix}/info -name '*.info.gz'`
40    test -n "$f" && for i in $f; do
41      install-info $i $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX%{_prefix}/info/dir
42    done
43  fi
45%postun -n rtems-base-gcc
46  if test -d $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX%{_prefix}/info;
47  then
48    rm -f $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX%{_prefix}/info/dir
49    f=`find $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX%{_prefix}/info -name '*.info.gz'`
50    test -n "$f" && for i in $f; do
51      install-info $i $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX%{_prefix}/info/dir
52    done
53  fi
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