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[4aba88a1]1%if %build_g77
[afe5cac]2# ==============================================================
3# rtems-base-g77
4# ==============================================================
[087a6c86]5%package -n %{rpmprefix}rtems-base-g77
[afe5cac]6Summary:      rtems base package for gcc/g77 compiler
[087a6c86]7Group: %{rpmgroup}
[afe5cac]8Requires: rtems-base-gcc
[087a6c86]10%description -n %{rpmprefix}rtems-base-g77
[afe5cac]11RTEMS is an open source operating system for embedded systems.
13This is the files for gcc/g77 that are shared by all targets.
[087a6c86]15%files -n %{rpmprefix}rtems-base-g77
[afe5cac]17%dir %{_prefix}/info
18%doc %{_prefix}/info/*.gz
20%dir %{_prefix}/man
21%dir %{_prefix}/man/man1
[ae67478]22%doc %{_prefix}/man/man1/%{gcc_target}-g77.1*
[087a6c86]24%post -n %{rpmprefix}rtems-base-g77
[afe5cac]25  if test -d $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX%{_prefix}/info;
26  then
27    rm -f $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX%{_prefix}/info/dir
28    f=`find $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX%{_prefix}/info -name '*.info.gz'`
29    test -n "$f" && for i in $f; do
30      install-info $i $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX%{_prefix}/info/dir
31    done
32  fi
[087a6c86]34%postun -n %{rpmprefix}rtems-base-g77
[afe5cac]35  if test -d $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX%{_prefix}/info;
36  then
37    rm -f $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX%{_prefix}/info/dir
38    f=`find $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX%{_prefix}/info -name '*.info.gz'`
39    test -n "$f" && for i in $f; do
40      install-info $i $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX%{_prefix}/info/dir
41    done
42  fi
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