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1The <tt>kern</tt> directory holds the core functionality of FreeBSD:
2system startup, core system calls and syscall dispatching, process
3management, scheduling, signals, file descriptors, top-level filesystem
4code, interprocess communication and terminal handling.<p>
6The 4.3BSD Internals book by Leffler, McKusick, Karels and Quarterman
7covers <tt>kern</tt> in:
10<dt> <b>Chapter 2</b>, pp 19-42 <i>Overview of the Kernel</i>.
11<dt> <b>Chapter 3</b>, pp 43-66 <i>Kernel Services</i>.
12<dt> <b>Chapter 4</b>, pp 69-108 <i>Process Management</i>.
13<dt> <b>Chapter 6</b>, pp 169-186 <i>I/O System Overview</i>.
14<dt> <b>Chapter 9</b>, pp 259-278 <i>Terminal Handling</i>.
15<dt> <b>Chapter 10</b>, pp 281-309 <i>Interprocess Communication</i>.
16<dt> <b>Chapter 13</b>, pp 393-411 <i>System Startup</i>.
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