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3# Input description for the FreeBSD 2.1.0 source tree
4# Place this file and all the .hdr files in a directory,
5# cd into that directory, and say `src2html FreeBSD.s2h'.
7set Formdir /cgi-bin
8set Htmldir FreeBSD-srctree
9set Htmlroot .
10set Newsrctree newsrc
11set Srctree sys
13dir conf                Kernel configuration parameters
14dir ddb                 Kernel debugging routines
15dir dev/aic7xxx         Adaptec AIC7770/AIC7870 sequencer code
16dir dev/vn              Vnode disk driver
17dir gnu/i386/fpemul     GNU's i387 floating point emulator
18dir gnu/i386/isa        Device drivers with GNU licensing
19dir gnu/isdn            An ISDN driver
20dir i386/apm            i386-specific power management
21dir i386/apm/apm_init   i386-specific power management
22dir i386/boot/biosboot  i386-specific boot code
23dir i386/boot/dosboot   i386-specific boot code
24dir i386/boot/kzipboot  i386-specific boot code
25dir i386/boot/netboot   i386-specific boot code
26dir i386/eisa           Device drivers for peripherals on the EISA bus
27dir i386/i386           i386-specific code
28dir i386/ibcs2          Intel Unix Binary Compatibility code
29dir i386/include        i386-specific C-language include files
30dir i386/include/pc     i386-specific C-language include files
31dir i386/isa            Device drivers for peripherals on the ISA bus
32dir i386/isa/ic         Device drivers for peripherals on the ISA bus
33dir i386/isa/matcd      Matsushita device driver
34dir i386/isa/pcvt       VT-220 emulation code
35dir i386/isa/sound      Device drivers for sound peripherals on the ISA bus
36dir i386/linux          Linux binaries support
37dir i386/scsi           Device drivers for SCSI peripherals on the ISA bus
38dir isofs/cd9660        ISO CD9660 file-system code
39dir kern                The core OS routines: processes, scheduling, syscalls
40dir libkern             The kernel library
41dir miscfs/deadfs       Miscellaneous file systems
42dir miscfs/devfs        Miscellaneous file systems
43dir miscfs/fdesc        Miscellaneous file systems
44dir miscfs/fifofs       Miscellaneous file systems
45dir miscfs/kernfs       Miscellaneous file systems
46dir miscfs/nullfs       Miscellaneous file systems
47dir miscfs/portal       Miscellaneous file systems
48dir miscfs/procfs       Miscellaneous file systems
49dir miscfs/specfs       Miscellaneous file systems
50dir miscfs/umapfs       Miscellaneous file systems
51dir miscfs/union        Miscellaneous file systems
52dir msdosfs             The MS-DOS file system code
53dir net                 Routing and general network interfaces
54dir netccitt            CCITT Networking code
55dir netinet             Internet protocols
56dir netiso              ISO Networking code
57dir netiso/xebec        ISO Networking code
58dir netns               Xerox NS Networking code
59dir nfs                 The Network File System
60dir pccard              Interface code for PC-CARD controllers.
61dir pci                 Device drivers for peripherals on the PCI bus
62dir scsi                Device drivers for peripherals on the SCSI bus
63dir sys                 Widely used C-language include files
64dir ufs/ffs             The Berkeley Fast Filesystem
65dir ufs/lfs             The Log Filesystem
66dir ufs/mfs             The Memory Filesystem
67dir ufs/ufs             The Unix Filesystem
68dir vm                  The Virtual Memory Management subsystem
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