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[417fcc73]3@c  On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR).
4@c  All rights reserved.
6@c  $Id$
9@chapter Requirements
11A fairly large amount of disk space is required to perform the build of the
12GNU C/C++ Cross Compiler Tools for RTEMS. The following table may help in
13assessing the amount of disk space required for your installation:
17|              Component             |   Disk Space Required    |
[adee5979]19|        archive directory           |        35 Mbytes         |
20|        tools src unarchived        |       150 Mbytes         |
21|  each individual build directory   |       300 Mbytes         |
22|     each installation directory    |      20-200 Mbytes       |
[417fcc73]24@end example
[adee5979]26It is important to understand that the above requirements only address
27the GNU C/C++ Cross Compiler Tools themselves.  Adding additional
28languages such as Fortran or Objective-C can increase the size
29of the build and installation directories.  Also, the unarchived
30source and build directories can be removed after the tools are
33After the tools themselves are installed, RTEMS must be built
34and installed for each Board Support Package that you wish
35to use.  Thus the precise amount of disk space required
36for each installation directory depends highly on the number
37of RTEMS BSPs which are to be installed.  If a single BSP is
38installed, then the additional size of each install directory
[0749d858]39will tend to be in the 40-60 Mbyte range.
[adee5979]41There are a number of factors which must be taken into
42account in oreder to estimate the amount of disk space required
43to build RTEMS itself.  Attempting to build multiple BSPs in
44a single step increases the disk space requirements.  Similarly
45enabling optional features increases the build and install
46space requirements.  In particular, enabling and building
47the RTEMS tests results in a significant increase in build
48space requirements but since the test are not installed has
49no impact on installation requirements.
[bdec2709]51The instructions in this manual should work on any computer running
52a UNIX variant.  Some native GNU tools are used by this procedure
55@itemize @bullet
56@item GCC
57@item GNU make
[0749d858]58@item GNU makeinfo
[bdec2709]59@end itemize
61In addition, some native utilities may be deficient for building
62the GNU tools.
64@section GNU makeinfo Version Requirements
66In order to build egcs 1.1b or newer, the GNU @code{makeinfo} program
67installed on your system must be at least version 1.68.  The appropriate
68version of @code{makeinfo} is distributed with egcs 1.1b.
70The following demonstrates how to determine the version of @code{makeinfo}
71on your machine:
74makeinfo --version
75@end example
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