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1# Comments
3#  Copyright (c) 1998, On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR)
5#  This file configures the src2html tool for the RTEMS source tree.
7#  $Id$
10## Variables used are:
11## Srctree - The root of the source tree we are processing
12## Htmlroot - The directory where all WWW documents are kept
13## Htmldir -  The directory under Htmlroot for this source tree
14## Htmltree - The root of the destination tree for the Html code
15## Newsrctree - The directory in Htmltree to store the new Htmlised code
16## Headers - The directory where we keep information to prepend in some docs
17## Formdir - The place to put the index searching script
18## Dirinfo{} - The list of dirs and the info about the directory
19## Dotdir{} - The directory name with /'s -> .'s
21set Srctree /usr1/rtems/rtems-work/c/src/exec/
22#set Htmltree /tmp/www
23set Htmlroot /usr1/tmp/rtemsdoc-4.0.0-beta3/html/src
24set Htmldir .
25set Newsrctree .                   # Comments here too
26#  default is . and that is fine for us right now
27#set Headers
28set Formdir /cgi-bin/rtems
32dir rtems/src        Classic API Source
33dir rtems/inline     Classic API Inlines
34dir rtems/headers    Classic API Header Files
36dir posix/src        POSIX API Source
37dir posix/inline     POSIX API Inlines
38dir posix/headers    POSIX API Base Header Files
39dir posix/sys        POSIX API System Header Files
40dir posix/headers    POSIX API Internal Header Files
42dir sapi/src         Non-Standard API Source
43dir sapi/inline      Non-Standard API Inlines
44dir sapi/headers     Non-Standard API Header Files
46dir score/src             Super Core Source
47dir score/inline          Super Core Inlines
48dir score/headers         Super Core Header Files
49dir score/cpu/a29k        AMD A29K Port
50dir score/cpu/hppa1.1     HP PA-RISC Port
51dir score/cpu/i386        Intel i386 Port
52dir score/cpu/i960        Intel i960 Port
53dir score/cpu/m68k        Motorola m68k Port
54dir score/cpu/mips64orion MIPS64 Port
55dir score/cpu/no_cpu      No CPU Example Port
56dir score/cpu/powerpc     PowerPC Port
57dir score/cpu/sh          Hitachi SH
58dir score/cpu/sparc       SPARC Port
59dir score/cpu/unix        UNIX Port
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