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2@c  COPYRIGHT (c) 1988-2002.
3@c  On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR).
4@c  All rights reserved.
6@c  $Id$
9@chapter Introduction
11GDB 4.17 is a source-level symbolic debugger for RTEMS environment.
12This version is an extension of GNU GDB version 4.17, adapted for the debugging
13of RTEMS applications in a heterogeneous host-target environment.
15This paper documents @b{only} the RTEMS/GDB extensions to GNU
16GDB 4.17, as well as its use in the RTEMS environment. The reader is assumed
17to be familiar with GNU GDB.
19The RTEMS project would like to thank Emmanuel Raguet (
20and Eric Valette ( of the Canon Research Centre
21France S.A. for developing and documenting RTEMS/GDB and submitting it.
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