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2@c  RTEMS Remote Debugger Server Specifications
4@c  Written by: Eric Valette <>
5@c              Emmanuel Raguet <>
8@c  $Id$
11@chapter Conclusion
13In this document we have presented how we envisage to add remote debugging facilities
14to RTEMS by implementing a remote debugger daemon for GDB. As any debug implemented
15in software, it will have limitation but we are confident that most of them
16can be removed by adding separate software components dedicated to debug activity.
17We must keep in mind that even with this approach, no software will enable the
18debug of code with interrupt entirely masked at processor level and that In
19Circuit Emulator (ICE) or use of BDM extension on the target board are the ultimate
20way to really debug any portion of an RTOS. BDM support in GDB is still weak
21but people are working on it and we may get something better in a near future.
24XXXXX insert process.eps
25XXXXX Caption remote debugger tasks and handlers
26@end example
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