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2@c COPYRIGHT (c) 1988-1999.
3@c On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR).
4@c All rights reserved.
6@c $Id$
9@chapter Services Provided by C Library (libc)
11@section Introduction
13This section lists the routines that provided by the Newlib C Library.
15@section Standard Utility Functions (stdlib.h)
17@itemize @bullet
18@item @code{abort} - Abnormal termination of a program
19@item @code{abs} - Integer absolute value (magnitude)
20@item @code{assert} - Macro for Debugging Diagnostics
21@item @code{atexit} - Request execution of functions at program exit
22@item @code{atof} - String to double or float
23@item @code{atoi} - String to integer
24@item @code{bsearch} - Binary search
25@item @code{calloc} - Allocate space for arrays
26@item @code{div} - Divide two integers
27@item @code{ecvtbuf} - Double or float to string of digits
28@item @code{ecvt} - Double or float to string of digits (malloc result)
29@item @code{__env_lock} - Lock environment list for getenv and setenv
30@item @code{gvcvt} - Format double or float as string
31@item @code{exit} - End program execution
32@item @code{getenv} - Look up environment variable
33@item @code{labs} - Long integer absolute value (magnitude)
34@item @code{ldiv} - Divide two long integers
35@item @code{malloc} - Allocate memory
36@item @code{realloc} - Reallocate memory
37@item @code{free} - Free previously allocated memory
38@item @code{mallinfo} - Get information about allocated memory
39@item @code{__malloc_lock} - Lock memory pool for malloc and free
40@item @code{mbstowcs} - Minimal multibyte string to wide string converter
41@item @code{mblen} - Minimal multibyte length
42@item @code{mbtowc} - Minimal multibyte to wide character converter
43@item @code{qsort} - Sort an array
44@item @code{rand} - Pseudo-random numbers
45@item @code{strtod} - String to double or float
46@item @code{strtol} - String to long
47@item @code{strtoul} - String to unsigned long
48@item @code{system} - Execute command string
49@item @code{wcstombs} - Minimal wide string to multibyte string converter
50@item @code{wctomb} - Minimal wide character to multibyte converter
51@end itemize
53@section Character Type Macros and Functions (ctype.h)
55@itemize @bullet
56@item @code{isalnum} - Alphanumeric character predicate
57@item @code{isalpha} - Alphabetic character predicate
58@item @code{isascii} - ASCII character predicate
59@item @code{iscntrl} - Control character predicate
60@item @code{isdigit} - Decimal digit predicate
61@item @code{islower} - Lower-case character predicate
62@item @code{isprint} - Printable character predicates (isprint, isgraph)
63@item @code{ispunct} - Punctuation character predicate
64@item @code{isspace} - Whitespace character predicate
65@item @code{isupper} - Uppercase character predicate
66@item @code{isxdigit} - Hexadecimal digit predicate
67@item @code{toascii} - Force integers to ASCII range
68@item @code{tolower} - Translate characters to lower case
69@item @code{toupper} - Translate characters to upper case
70@end itemize
72@section Input and Output (stdio.h)
74@itemize @bullet
75@item @code{clearerr} - Clear file or stream error indicator
76@item @code{fclose} - Close a file
77@item @code{feof} - Test for end of file
78@item @code{ferror} - Test whether read/write error has occurred
79@item @code{fflush} - Flush buffered file output
80@item @code{fgetc} - Get a character from a file or stream
81@item @code{fgetpos} - Record position in a stream or file
82@item @code{fgets} - Get character string from a file or stream
83@item @code{fiprintf} - Write formatted output to file (integer only)
84@item @code{fopen} - Open a file
85@item @code{fdopen} - Turn an open file into a stream
86@item @code{fputc} - Write a character on a stream or file
87@item @code{fputs} - Write a character string in a file or stream
88@item @code{fread} - Read array elements from a file
89@item @code{freopen} - Open a file using an existing file descriptor
90@item @code{fseek} - Set file position
91@item @code{fsetpos} - Restore position of a stream or file
92@item @code{ftell} - Return position in a stream or file
93@item @code{fwrite} - Write array elements from memory to a file or stream
94@item @code{getc} - Get a character from a file or stream (macro)
95@item @code{getchar} - Get a character from standard input (macro)
96@item @code{gets} - Get character string from standard input (obsolete)
97@item @code{iprintf} - Write formatted output (integer only)
98@item @code{mktemp} - Generate unused file name
99@item @code{perror} - Print an error message on standard error
100@item @code{putc} - Write a character on a stream or file (macro)
101@item @code{putchar} - Write a character on standard output (macro)
102@item @code{puts} - Write a character string on standard output
103@item @code{remove} - Delete a file's name
104@item @code{rename} - Rename a file
105@item @code{rewind} - Reinitialize a file or stream
106@item @code{setbuf} - Specify full buffering for a file or stream
107@item @code{setvbuf} - Specify buffering for a file or stream
108@item @code{siprintf} - Write formatted output (integer only)
109@item @code{printf} - Write formatted output
110@item @code{scanf} - Scan and format input
111@item @code{tmpfile} - Create a temporary file
112@item @code{tmpnam} - Generate name for a temporary file
113@item @code{vprintf} - Format variable argument list
114@end itemize
116@section Strings and Memory (string.h)
118@itemize @bullet
119@item @code{bcmp} - Compare two memory areas
120@item @code{bcopy} - Copy memory regions
121@item @code{bzero} - Initialize memory to zero
122@item @code{index} - Search for character in string
123@item @code{memchr} - Find character in memory
124@item @code{memcmp} - Compare two memory areas
125@item @code{memcpy} - Copy memory regions
126@item @code{memmove} - Move possibly overlapping memory
127@item @code{memset} - Set an area of memory
128@item @code{rindex} - Reverse search for character in string
129@item @code{strcasecmp} - Compare strings ignoring case
130@item @code{strcat} - Concatenate strings
131@item @code{strchr} - Search for character in string
132@item @code{strcmp} - Character string compare
133@item @code{strcoll} - Locale specific character string compare
134@item @code{strcpy} - Copy string
135@item @code{strcspn} - Count chars not in string
136@item @code{strerror} - Convert error number to string
137@item @code{strlen} - Character string length
138@item @code{strlwr} - Convert string to lower case
139@item @code{strncasecmp} - Compare strings ignoring case
140@item @code{strncat} - Concatenate strings
141@item @code{strncmp} - Character string compare
142@item @code{strncpy} - Counted copy string
143@item @code{strpbrk} - Find chars in string
144@item @code{strrchr} - Reverse search for character in string
145@item @code{strspn} - Find initial match
146@item @code{strstr} - Find string segment
147@item @code{strtok} - Get next token from a string
148@item @code{strupr} - Convert string to upper case
149@item @code{strxfrm} - Transform string
150@end itemize
152@section Signal Handling (signal.h)
154@itemize @bullet
155@item @code{raise} - Send a signal
156@item @code{signal} - Specify handler subroutine for a signal
157@end itemize
159@section Time Functions (time.h)
161@itemize @bullet
162@item @code{asctime} - Format time as string
163@item @code{clock} - Cumulative processor time
164@item @code{ctime} - Convert time to local and format as string
165@item @code{difftime} - Subtract two times
166@item @code{gmtime} - Convert time to UTC (GMT) traditional representation
167@item @code{localtime} - Convert time to local representation
168@item @code{mktime} - Convert time to arithmetic representation
169@item @code{strftime} - Flexible calendar time formatter
170@item @code{time} - Get current calendar time (as single number)
171@end itemize
173@section Locale (locale.h)
175@itemize @bullet
176@item @code{setlocale} - Select or query locale
177@end itemize
179@section Reentrant Versions of Functions
182@itemize @bullet
183@item Equivalent for errno variable:
185@itemize @bullet
186@item @code{errno_r} - XXX
187@end itemize
189@item Locale functions:
191@itemize @bullet
192@item @code{localeconv_r} - XXX
193@item @code{setlocale_r} - XXX
194@end itemize
196@item Equivalents for stdio variables:
198@itemize @bullet
199@item @code{stdin_r} - XXX
200@item @code{stdout_r} - XXX
201@item @code{stderr_r} - XXX
202@end itemize
204@item Stdio functions:
206@itemize @bullet
207@item @code{fdopen_r} - XXX
208@item @code{perror_r} - XXX
209@item @code{tempnam_r} - XXX
210@item @code{fopen_r} - XXX
211@item @code{putchar_r} - XXX
212@item @code{tmpnam_r} - XXX
213@item @code{getchar_r} - XXX
214@item @code{puts_r} - XXX
215@item @code{tmpfile_r} - XXX
216@item @code{gets_r} - XXX
217@item @code{remove_r} - XXX
218@item @code{vfprintf_r} - XXX
219@item @code{iprintf_r} - XXX
220@item @code{rename_r} - XXX
221@item @code{vsnprintf_r} - XXX
222@item @code{mkstemp_r} - XXX
223@item @code{snprintf_r} - XXX
224@item @code{vsprintf_r} - XXX
225@item @code{mktemp_t} - XXX
226@item @code{sprintf_r} - XXX
227@end itemize
229@item Signal functions:
231@itemize @bullet
232@item @code{init_signal_r} - XXX
233@item @code{signal_r} - XXX
234@item @code{kill_r} - XXX
235@item @code{_sigtramp_r} - XXX
236@item @code{raise_r} - XXX
237@end itemize
239@item Stdlib functions:
241@itemize @bullet
242@item @code{calloc_r} - XXX
243@item @code{mblen_r} - XXX
244@item @code{srand_r} - XXX
245@item @code{dtoa_r} - XXX
246@item @code{mbstowcs_r} - XXX
247@item @code{strtod_r} - XXX
248@item @code{free_r} - XXX
249@item @code{mbtowc_r} - XXX
250@item @code{strtol_r} - XXX
251@item @code{getenv_r} - XXX
252@item @code{memalign_r} - XXX
253@item @code{strtoul_r} - XXX
254@item @code{mallinfo_r} - XXX
255@item @code{mstats_r} - XXX
256@item @code{system_r} - XXX
257@item @code{malloc_r} - XXX
258@item @code{rand_r} - XXX
259@item @code{wcstombs_r} - XXX
260@item @code{malloc_r} - XXX
261@item @code{realloc_r} - XXX
262@item @code{wctomb_r} - XXX
263@item @code{malloc_stats_r} - XXX
264@item @code{setenv_r} - XXX
265@end itemize
267@item String functions:
269@itemize @bullet
270@item @code{strtok_r} - XXX
271@end itemize
273@item System functions:
275@itemize @bullet
276@item @code{close_r} - XXX
277@item @code{link_r} - XXX
278@item @code{unlink_r} - XXX
279@item @code{execve_r} - XXX
280@item @code{lseek_r} - XXX
281@item @code{wait_r} - XXX
282@item @code{fcntl_r} - XXX
283@item @code{open_r} - XXX
284@item @code{write_r} - XXX
285@item @code{fork_r} - XXX
286@item @code{read_r} - XXX
287@item @code{fstat_r} - XXX
288@item @code{sbrk_r} - XXX
289@item @code{gettimeofday_r} - XXX
290@item @code{stat_r} - XXX
291@item @code{getpid_r} - XXX
292@item @code{times_r} - XXX
293@end itemize
295@item Time function:
297@itemize @bullet
298@item @code{asctime_r} - XXX
299@end itemize
301@end itemize
303@section Miscellaneous Macros and Functions
306@itemize @bullet
307@item @code{unctrl} - Return printable representation of a character
308@end itemize
310@section Variable Argument Lists
313@itemize @bullet
315@item Stdarg (stdarg.h):
316@itemize @bullet
317@item @code{va_start} - XXX
318@item @code{va_arg} - XXX
319@item @code{va_end} - XXX
320@end itemize
322@item Vararg (varargs.h):
323@itemize @bullet
324@item @code{va_alist} - XXX
325@item @code{va_start-trad} - XXX
326@item @code{va_arg-trad} - XXX
327@item @code{va_end-trad} - XXX
328@end itemize
329@end itemize
331@section Reentrant System Calls
333@itemize @bullet
334@item @code{open_r} - XXX
335@item @code{close_r} - XXX
336@item @code{lseek_r} - XXX
337@item @code{read_r} - XXX
338@item @code{write_r} - XXX
339@item @code{fork_r} - XXX
340@item @code{wait_r} - XXX
341@item @code{stat_r} - XXX
342@item @code{fstat_r} - XXX
343@item @code{link_r} - XXX
344@item @code{unlink_r} - XXX
345@item @code{sbrk_r} - XXX
346@end itemize
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