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2#  $Id$
5Apparently, the tool documentation is tough to build without configuring
6in the tool source directory.  So you need to do some magic to make
[4684c7c]7this happen.  In addition, the makefiles included with the tools
8only support building dvi and info.  So this directory is
9trying to help finish out building the tool documentation.
[4684c7c]11# Odd Notes:
13# binutils/ld: May have to copy bfdsumm.texi from config/bfd to ld
14# gcc: no rule to build java.dvi
16# for binutils, gcc, and gdb
[fb02e4c4]17mkdir doc_build
18cp -r binutils-XXX gcc-XXX gdb-XXX newlib-XXX doc_build
[4684c7c]19cd TOOL-XXX
[fb02e4c4]20./configure --target=i386-rtems --prefix=/usr3/tmp/DOCTMP
21make info dvi
[4684c7c]23# for newlib we have to do the build differently.  It actually needs
24# to be configured and built for an RTEMS target so pick something
25# you have tools installed for.  Hopefully, this will be a target
26# without many multilib variants. The actual target is not relevant
27# since the documentation is always the same.
[fb02e4c4]29mkdir b
30cd b
[4684c7c]31../newlib-1.8.2/configure --target=i386-rtems --prefix=/usr3/tmp/DOCTMP
33make info dvi
34cd ../newlib-1.8.2
35find newlib/ -name "*.t*" | cpio -pdum ../b/i386-rtems/
36find etc/ -name "*.t*" | cpio -pdum ../b
[deeecc1]37cd ../b
38# run the script
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