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2@c  COPYRIGHT (c) 1988-1998.
3@c  On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR).
4@c  All rights reserved.
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9@chapter Pathname Evaluation
11XXX Include graphic of the path evaluation process with Jennifer's explanations
13? There are two pathname evaluation routines.  The handler patheval() is called to find,
14verify privlages on and return information on a node that exists.  The handler
15evalformake() is called to find, verify permissions, and return information on a node
16that is to become a parent.  Additionally, evalformake() returns a pointer to the start
17of the name of the new node to be created.
18? Pathname evaluation is specific to a file system
19? Mechanics of crossing a mount point during the evaluation of a path name
20? Role of rtems_filesystem_location_info_t structure
21? Finding file system node information
22? Finding file system node handlers
23? Finding file system node operations table
24? Finding mount table entry for the file system that this node is part of
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