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3System Initialization
6        After the RTEMS initialization is performed, the application's initialization will
7be performed. Part of initialization is a call to rtems_filesystem_initialize(). This routine
8will mount the `In Memory File System' as the base file system.
10Mounting the base file system consists of the following:
12? Initialization of mount table chain control structure
13? Allocation of a -jnode- structure that will server as the root node of the `In Memory
14File System'
15? Initialization of the allocated -jnode- with the appropriate OPS, directory handlers
16and pathconf limits and options.
17? Allocation of a memory region for file system specific global management variables
18? Creation of first mount table entry for the base file system
19? Initialization of the first mount table chain entry to indicate that the mount point is
20NULL and the mounted file system is the base file system
23After the base file system has been mounted, the following operations are performed
24under its directory structure:
26? Creation of the /dev directory
27? Registration of devices under /dev directory
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