source: rtems/cpukit @ 0465d128
Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
libcsupport 4bab8e2d   Aug 6, 1996, 5:45:12 PM Joel Sherrill get_errno: no longer needed by gnat runtime
libmisc e6d4b1d   May 28, 1996, 1:13:34 PM Joel Sherrill added initial posix configuration support
posix 41be2e8   Sep 17, 1996, 9:31:30 PM Joel Sherrill added routine _POSIX_Timespec_subtract
rtems 7fea679b   Sep 6, 1996, 3:16:19 PM Joel Sherrill changed _TOD_Is_set from a function to a boolean variable
sapi 503dc058   Jul 3, 1996, 2:20:03 PM Joel Sherrill switched from "STATIC INLINE" to "RTEMS_INLINE_ROUTINE"
score 1d9d044   Sep 17, 1996, 9:33:07 PM Joel Sherrill Reversed logic in conditional to correctly distinguish between FIFO …
zlib bc69a859   May 28, 1996, 5:13:29 PM Ralf Corsepius Import from zlib-1.2.4
  • Property mode set to 040000
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