source: rtems/cpukit/score/cpu/sparc64/ @ 7633f5b

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sparc64: Move libcpu content to cpukit

This patch is a part of the BSP source reorganization.

Update #3285.

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1include $(top_srcdir)/automake/
3noinst_LIBRARIES = libscorecpu.a
4libscorecpu_a_SOURCES =
5libscorecpu_a_SOURCES += context.S
6libscorecpu_a_SOURCES += cpu.c
7libscorecpu_a_SOURCES += interrupt.S
8libscorecpu_a_SOURCES += ../no_cpu/cpucounterread.c
9libscorecpu_a_SOURCES += sparc64-exception-frame-print.c
10libscorecpu_a_SOURCES += sparc64-syscall.S
12include $(top_srcdir)/automake/
13include $(srcdir)/
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