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sparc: Fix CPU counter support

The SPARC processors supported by RTEMS have no built-in CPU counter
support. We have to use some hardware counter module for this purpose.
The BSP must provide a 32-bit register which contains the current CPU
counter value and a function for the difference calculation. It can use
for example the GPTIMER instance used for the clock driver.

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1include $(top_srcdir)/automake/
3include_rtemsdir = $(includedir)/rtems
4include_rtems_HEADERS = rtems/asm.h
6include_rtems_scoredir = $(includedir)/rtems/score
7include_rtems_score_HEADERS = rtems/score/sparc.h
8include_rtems_score_HEADERS += rtems/score/cpu.h
9include_rtems_score_HEADERS += rtems/score/types.h
10include_rtems_score_HEADERS += rtems/score/cpuatomic.h
12noinst_LIBRARIES = libscorecpu.a
13libscorecpu_a_SOURCES = cpu.c cpu_asm.S
14libscorecpu_a_SOURCES += sparc-counter.c
15libscorecpu_a_SOURCES += sparcv8-atomic.c
16libscorecpu_a_CPPFLAGS = $(AM_CPPFLAGS)
18include $(srcdir)/
19include $(top_srcdir)/automake/
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