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This is the initial addition of the port of RTEMS to the
Hitachi H8 family. This port was done by Philip Quaife
<philip@…> of Q Solutions and sponsored by
Comnet Technologies Ltd. The port was done based on RTEMS 3.5.1
to a Hitach H8300H. The port was updated to RTEMS 4.5 style
Makefiles/configure by Joel Sherrill <joel@…>.
While doing this Joel added support for the h8300-rtems to
binutils, gcc, newlib, and gdb.

NOTE: Philip submitted a BSP for a Hitachi evaluation board
which is being merged as a separate entity.

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6This port was done by Philip Quaife <> of Q Solutions
7using RTEMS 3.5.1 under DOS and Hiview.   Philip used an H8300H
8to develop and test this port.
10It was updated to 4.5 and merged into the main development trunk
11by Joel Sherrill <>.  As part of the merger, the
12port was made to conditionally compile for the H8, H8300H, and H8300S
15The status of each CPU subfamily is as follows.
17H8  - Although RTEMS compiles with for these CPUs, it does not
18      truly support them.  All code that will not work on these
19      CPUs is conditionally disabled.  These CPUs have a 16-bit
20      address space.  Thus although a port is technically
21      feasible, some work will to be performed on RTEMS to
22      further minimize its footprint and address pointer
23      manipulation issues.
25H8H - Port was developed on this class of H8 so there should be
26      no problems.
28H8S - Port should work on this class of H8 but it is untested.
3128 June 2000
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