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2001-01-31 Mike Siers <mikes@…>

  • Nice Update of PPPD support which eliminates the requiremetn that drivers be in the termios TASK_DRIVEN mode. Mike did significant testing and reports that it seems to be more stable and handle larger packets better. This patch replaces the termios tasks with more general pppd network driver tasks. The functions pppinput() and pppstart() get called from the interrupt service routine.
  •,, net/, net/bpf.h, net/ethernet.h, net/if.c, net/if.h, net/if_arp.h, net/if_dl.h, net/if_ethersubr.c, net/if_llc.h, net/if_loop.c, net/if_ppp.h, net/if_pppvar.h, net/if_types.h, net/netisr.h, net/ppp-comp.h, net/ppp_defs.h, net/pppcompress.h, net/radix.c, net/radix.h, net/raw_cb.c, net/raw_cb.h, net/raw_usrreq.c, net/route.c, net/route.h, net/rtsock.c, pppd/, pppd/README, pppd/STATUS, pppd/auth.c, pppd/cbcp.c, pppd/ccp.c, pppd/ccp.h, pppd/chap.c, pppd/chap.h, pppd/chap_ms.c, pppd/chap_ms.h, pppd/chat.c, pppd/demand.c, pppd/fsm.c, pppd/fsm.h, pppd/ipcp.c, pppd/ipcp.h, pppd/ipxcp.c, pppd/ipxcp.h, pppd/lcp.c, pppd/lcp.h, pppd/magic.c, pppd/magic.h, pppd/options.c, pppd/patchlevel.h, pppd/pathnames.h, pppd/pppd.8, pppd/pppd.h, pppd/rtemsmain.c, pppd/rtemspppd.c, pppd/rtemspppd.h, pppd/sys-rtems.c, pppd/upap.c, pppd/upap.h, pppd/utils.c, pppd/example/README, pppd/example/netconfig.h, wrapup/ Modified.
  • net/bsd-comp.c, net/if_ppp.c, net/ppp-deflate.c, net/ppp.h, net/ppp_tty.c, net/pppcompress.c, net/zlib.c, net/zlib.h: New file.
  • modem/, modem/.cvsignore, modem/, modem/ppp.c, modem/ppp.h, modem/ppp_tty.c, modem/pppcompress.c: Subdirectory removed.
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2#  $Id$
5The pppd application seems to very stable.  It has been tested using
6the example application with the i386/pc586 and m68k/sbc5206e BSPs.
7The tests were executed using a null modem serial cable to connect
8with a UNIX box running either the ppp or pppd application and with
9an external modem to dial up a local ISP.
11If you have problems getting your target to make consistent connections
12with an ISP, the problem is most likely with the ppp options.  First
13try using the "novj" and "noaccomp" options.  If you have questions
14about what other option values are available for the rtems_pppd_set_option
15function, please look at the pppd.8 man page file or the the source code.
16The majority of options that are documented in man page should work
17with this function call.
19The pppd code had now been updated to use it's own RTEMS network
20drivers.  This removes the requirement for the task driven termios
21support.  This update has fixed the large packet ping problem.
22Currently, I do not know of any problems with the port.
24If you find any other problems or fix some problems, please post your
25changes to the RTEMS mailing list.
27Good Luck
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