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2001-01-31 Mike Siers <mikes@…>

  • Nice Update of PPPD support which eliminates the requiremetn that drivers be in the termios TASK_DRIVEN mode. Mike did significant testing and reports that it seems to be more stable and handle larger packets better. This patch replaces the termios tasks with more general pppd network driver tasks. The functions pppinput() and pppstart() get called from the interrupt service routine.
  •,, net/, net/bpf.h, net/ethernet.h, net/if.c, net/if.h, net/if_arp.h, net/if_dl.h, net/if_ethersubr.c, net/if_llc.h, net/if_loop.c, net/if_ppp.h, net/if_pppvar.h, net/if_types.h, net/netisr.h, net/ppp-comp.h, net/ppp_defs.h, net/pppcompress.h, net/radix.c, net/radix.h, net/raw_cb.c, net/raw_cb.h, net/raw_usrreq.c, net/route.c, net/route.h, net/rtsock.c, pppd/, pppd/README, pppd/STATUS, pppd/auth.c, pppd/cbcp.c, pppd/ccp.c, pppd/ccp.h, pppd/chap.c, pppd/chap.h, pppd/chap_ms.c, pppd/chap_ms.h, pppd/chat.c, pppd/demand.c, pppd/fsm.c, pppd/fsm.h, pppd/ipcp.c, pppd/ipcp.h, pppd/ipxcp.c, pppd/ipxcp.h, pppd/lcp.c, pppd/lcp.h, pppd/magic.c, pppd/magic.h, pppd/options.c, pppd/patchlevel.h, pppd/pathnames.h, pppd/pppd.8, pppd/pppd.h, pppd/rtemsmain.c, pppd/rtemspppd.c, pppd/rtemspppd.h, pppd/sys-rtems.c, pppd/upap.c, pppd/upap.h, pppd/utils.c, pppd/example/README, pppd/example/netconfig.h, wrapup/ Modified.
  • net/bsd-comp.c, net/if_ppp.c, net/ppp-deflate.c, net/ppp.h, net/ppp_tty.c, net/pppcompress.c, net/zlib.c, net/zlib.h: New file.
  • modem/, modem/.cvsignore, modem/, modem/ppp.c, modem/ppp.h, modem/ppp_tty.c, modem/pppcompress.c: Subdirectory removed.
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2#  $Id$
5This directory contains a port of ppp-2.3.11.  The official site for
6the original source for this PPP implementation is:
13The original port was of 2.3.5 by Tomasz Domin <> of
14ComArch SA and was initially only tested on the mpc823.  He
15provided the modem driver as well.
17The port was updated to 2.3.11 by Mike Siers <>
18who added an example test.
20Updated the chat program to return the correct errors and support
21the ABORT commands.  Removed some dead code and did a lot of
22testing on a new Coldfire BSP.  Version seems to be very stable.
24Update code to use RTEMS pppd network drivers.  Now the pppd
25software is not dependent on using task driven mode.  This
26change improved stablity and performance.  This was updated
27by Mike Siers <>.
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