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[4bf1801]2## $Id$
[6a8e52d]5include $(top_srcdir)/automake/
[4078e82]7if HAS_NETWORKING
[8f19e30]8include_rtemsdir = $(includedir)/rtems
9include_rtems_HEADERS = rtemspppd.h rtemsdialer.h
[8f19e30]11project_lib_LIBRARIES = libpppd.a
[44213ad]12libpppd_a_SOURCES = auth.c ccp.c ccp.h chap.c chap.h chap_ms.c chap_ms.h \
13    chat.c demand.c fsm.c fsm.h ipcp.c ipcp.h lcp.c lcp.h magic.c magic.h \
14    options.c upap.c upap.h md4.c md4.h md5.c md5.h utils.c sys-rtems.c \
[8f19e30]15    rtemsmain.c rtemspppd.c rtemspppd.h pppd.h patchlevel.h pathnames.h \
[0850b08]16    rtemsdialer.h
[bd2fa0a5]17libpppd_a_CPPFLAGS = $(AM_CPPFLAGS) -D__BSD_VISIBLE
[994eb05]20include $(srcdir)/
[6a8e52d]21include $(top_srcdir)/automake/
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