source: rtems/cpukit/libpci/pci_internal.h @ f9fbb333

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libpci: fix pci device allocation

The refactoring of pci_dev_create() was incorrect since the code relied on
different defines before including pci/cfg.h. This reverts back to the
original code having two pci_dev_create() one in auto and one in read library.
confdefs.h selectes between the two libraries so both there is no link

Updates #3029

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1/* Private libpci declarations
2 *
3 * COPYRIGHT (c) 2015 Cobham Gaisler AB.
4 *
5 * The license and distribution terms for this file may be
6 * found in the file LICENSE in this distribution or at
7 *
8 */
10/* Number of buses */
11extern int pci_bus_cnt;
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