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2000-05-24 Fernando Ruiz Casas <fernando.ruiz@…>

  • monitor/mon-prmisc.c: Correct print line.
  • shell/ Added new file telnetd.c.
  • shell/telnetd.c, shell/telnetd.h, shell/pty.c: New files.
  • shell/shell.c, shell/cmds.c, shell/shell.h: Numerous improvments:
    • The shell_init has a new parameter 'forever' because in /dev/console you need that this process runs forever but in tcp/ip not. (respawn?)
    • A new task for every session opened trought tcp/ip telnet client. (the chargen,daytime and more are possible of implementation but I ask me if they are necesary)
    • Exit from the session delete the task and when the client fails too.
    • More cmds have been implemented. (very reduced version of these) umask, chmod, id, whoami, rm, cat, ...
    • A reduced line edit has been implemented.

Ctrl-C abort the input,
Ctrl-d in the first position gives EOF (logout).
'\b' and DEL makes the rubout operation.
I think that readline() for every session spents a lot of resources.

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2#  $Id$
5This directory contains a shell user extension
6primary features:
8   + create a user shell terminal task.
10This code has not been extensively tested.  It is provided as a tool
11for RTEMS users to open more shell terminal.
12Suggestions and comments are appreciated.
161.  printf() & getchar() works but you can't use
17    0,1,2 like fildes. You need to use fileno(stdin),fileno(stdout),...
192.  You only need a termios dev to start a new session, add your new commands
20    and enjoy it.
223.  If you have tcp/ip inited you can start telnetd daemon.
23    You need register pseudo-terminals driver into device drivers table.
24    16 ptyX termios device terminales are created into /dev/.
25    Calling rtems_initialize_telnetd() starts the daemon.
26    Enjoy it.
301.  Adding new commands in cmds.c to give file manegement to shell.
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