source: rtems/cpukit/libfs/src/defaults/default_write.c @ 9b4422a2

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Remove All CVS Id Strings Possible Using a Script

Script does what is expected and tries to do it as
smartly as possible.

+ remove occurrences of two blank comment lines

next to each other after Id string line removed.

+ remove entire comment blocks which only exited to

contain CVS Ids

+ If the processing left a blank line at the top of

a file, it was removed.

  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 492 bytes
2 *  COPYRIGHT (c) 2010.
3 *  On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR).
4 *
5 *  The license and distribution terms for this file may be
6 *  found in the file LICENSE in this distribution or at
7 *
8 */
10#include <rtems/libio.h>
11#include <rtems/libio_.h>
12#include <rtems/seterr.h>
14ssize_t rtems_filesystem_default_write(
15  rtems_libio_t *iop,
16  const void    *buffer,
17  size_t         count
20  rtems_set_errno_and_return_minus_one( ENOTSUP );
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