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2005-01-20 Sergei Organov <>

PR 536/rtems
Heap manager re-implementation to consume less memory and still satisfy
alignment requirements.

  • score/src/heap.c, score/src/heapallocate.c, score/src/heapextend.c, score/src/heapfree.c, score/src/heapgetinfo.c, score/src/heapgetfreeinfo.c, core/src/heapsizeofuserarea.c, score/src/heapwalk.c, core/macros/rtems/score/heap.inl, score/inline/rtems/score/heap.inl, score/include/rtems/score/heap.h: Reimplemented.
  • score/src/heapallocatealigned.c: new file
  • score/ HEAP_C_FILES: add score/src/heapallocatealigned.c
  • Property mode set to 100644
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