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PR 1729/cpukit

  •, sapi/include/confdefs.h, sapi/src/exinit.c, score/, score/, score/cpu/i386/rtems/score/cpu.h, score/cpu/sparc/cpu_asm.S, score/cpu/sparc/rtems/score/cpu.h, score/include/rtems/score/basedefs.h, score/include/rtems/score/context.h, score/include/rtems/score/percpu.h, score/src/percpu.c, score/src/thread.c, score/src/threadcreateidle.c: Add next step in SMP support. This adds an allocated array of the Per_CPU structures to support multiple cpus vs a single instance of the structure which is still used if SMP support is disabled. Configuration support is also added to explicitly enable or disable SMP. But SMP can only be enabled for the CPUs which will support it initially -- SPARC and i386. With the stub BSP support, a BSP can be run as a single core SMP system from an RTEMS data structure standpoint.
  • aclocal/check-smp.m4, aclocal/enable-smp.m4, score/include/rtems/bspsmp.h, score/include/rtems/score/smplock.h, score/src/smp.c, score/src/smplock.c: New files.
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