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2007-07-28 Chris Johns <chisj@…>

  • README,, rtems.ini,, rtems-tools.nsi: Updated to the new 4.8 build plus a new installer.
  • autoconf.def, automake.def,,, msys-path.nsi, rtems-autotools.nsi, target-section-text,, version: New to version 4.8. Autotools is built when installing.
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1auto_section_text="Autoconf and Automake"
2arm_section_text="ARM Targets"
3h8300_section_text="H8300 16bit Target"
4i386_section_text="Intel i386 Targets"
5m68k_section_text="Coldfire and M68000 Targets"
6mips_section_text="MIPS Targets"
7powerpc_section_text="PowerPC Targets"
8sh_section_text="SH Targets"
9sparc_section_text="SPARC (Leon) Targets"
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