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Last change on this file since 598aab1f was 598aab1f, checked in by Chris Johns <chrisj@…>, on Aug 20, 2007 at 2:12:48 AM

2007-08-20 Chris Johns <chisj@…>

  • filewrite.nsi, getparameters.nsi, instance-check.nsi, mingw-path.nsi, sm-dummy.nsi, strslash.nsi, strstr.nsi, options.nsi: Added the shared between the 2 installer scripts.
  • msys-path.nsi: Fixed the last LF bug.
  • rtems-autotools.nsi, rtems-tools.nsi: Fixed the instance check, added a start menu, remove pages from target installers.
  • rtems.ini: Fixed the URL links. Added support link.
  • rtems_logo.bmp: Trimmed a little more to get a better image.
  • Stop on a error.
  • Use the option parameter variables. Change the order the section appear in the installer.
  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 410 bytes
1#! /bin/sh
2source=$(dirname $0)
3if [ "$source" = "." ]; then
4  source=$(pwd)
7echo "             DO NOT CLOSE    DO NOT CLOSE"
9echo "Warning: this command window will automatically close."
11echo "Build output: $source/at-log.txt"
13$source/ $* 2>&1 >> $source/at-log.txt
15if [ $ec -ne 0 ]; then
16  echo "ERROR: code '$ec'. Press Any Key to continue"
17  read
19exit $ec
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