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1* Add support for multiple rtems targets.
2- Allow building several specs at one time.
3- Support different versions and patches for different targets
4  (target-specific specs).
6* Improve info files treatment:
7- Problem: Infos are not target canonicalized. Therefore, installing them to
8  /usr or /usr/local is likely to conflict with vendor provided infos rsp.
9  locally installed packages. Additionally, installing to /usr/local is
10  completely out of our control.
11- Current approach: Install infos/provide base packages only for
12  $prefix ==/opt/rtems* or if user is forcing them with --enable-infos
13- Consider to canonicalize the infos (How?). Probably better be done by
14  upstream.
16* Strip unnecessary stuff from generated *.specs.
18* Ada:
19- Consider to remove it (Lack of multilibs renders it unusable for rtems
20  toolchains).
21- Consider to add support for non-multilib'ed toolchains.
23* gcc/build.add: Use --languages=fortran instead of f95 for gcc >= 4.1
24  (--languages=f95 is deprecated in gcc >= 4.1)
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