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2006-07-23 Rename "*-base-*" packages into <tool>-common.

Rename GCC's "*-<lang>" packages into "*-gcc-<lang>".
Many small directory ownership fixes.
Build all GCC packages with --enable-threads.

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12006-07-23      Rename "*-base-*" packages into <tool>-common.
2                Rename GCC's "*-<lang>" packages into "*-gcc-<lang>".
3                Many small directory ownership fixes.
4                Build all GCC packages with --enable-threads.
62006-07-10      Completely reworked and restructurized.
82006-03-10      Add preliminary rtems-gdb specs.
9                (Immature, incomplete, needs further testing).
112006-03-09      Add fortran and objc to GCC's default languages for freebsd5.2,
12                freebsd6.0 and solaris.
142006-03-02      Pass --enable-sysroot to non-rtems binutils (Required by
15                GCC-4.1 sys-root'ed toolchains).
172006-02-25      Put this package under the GPL.
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