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2006-07-12 RTEMS

  • rtems4.7/arm/gdb-sources.add, rtems4.7/avr/gdb-sources.add, rtems4.7/h8300/gdb-sources.add, rtems4.7/i386/gdb-sources.add, rtems4.7/m68k/gdb-sources.add, rtems4.7/mips/gdb-sources.add, rtems4.7/powerpc/gdb-sources.add, rtems4.7/sh/gdb-sources.add, rtems4.7/sparc/gdb-sources.add, rtems4.7/tic4x/gdb-sources.add: Update gdb to use newer patch. This lets sparc build simulator and mips build at all.
  • patches/gdb-6.4-rtems-20060712.diff: New file.
  • Property mode set to 100644
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12006-07-12      RTEMS
3        * rtems4.7/arm/gdb-sources.add, rtems4.7/avr/gdb-sources.add,
4        rtems4.7/h8300/gdb-sources.add, rtems4.7/i386/gdb-sources.add,
5        rtems4.7/m68k/gdb-sources.add, rtems4.7/mips/gdb-sources.add,
6        rtems4.7/powerpc/gdb-sources.add, rtems4.7/sh/gdb-sources.add,
7        rtems4.7/sparc/gdb-sources.add, rtems4.7/tic4x/gdb-sources.add:
8        Update gdb to use newer patch. This lets sparc build simulator and
9        mips build at all.
10        * patches/gdb-6.4-rtems-20060712.diff: New file.
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