source: rtems/c @ 16a384cf
Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
build-tools 81e72bc4   04/19/99 21:49:18 Joel Sherrill Regenerated.
src 16a384cf   04/23/99 16:35:11 Joel Sherrill New BSP from Tony R. Ambardar <tonya@…> from the University …
update-tools 1059abcd   04/19/99 15:37:36 Joel Sherrill Regenerated.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 7.6 KB faf7f46   03/02/99 15:32:30 Joel Sherrill Patch from Jay Monkman <jmonkman@…> to address minor issues … 4.5 KB 7a74b99   04/19/99 14:54:25 Joel Sherrill Make sure the build-tools get built in the preinstall phase.
PROBLEMS 3.3 KB adb5185   10/15/98 19:18:36 Joel Sherrill Added bare bsp, mini-glue layer for POSIX port, and bare bsp information.
README 984 bytes b91726f   04/22/97 17:04:49 Joel Sherrill LICENSE file is now only in top directory. README updated.
README.DOS 3.1 KB 8bdcfc4   12/19/95 20:26:32 Joel Sherrill changes remerged after disk crash -- history lost
REQUIRES 295 bytes e399e182   07/02/96 17:47:51 Joel Sherrill updated to reflect latest gnu tools versions
TESTED 4.2 KB 3599c5e   04/22/99 21:12:59 Joel Sherrill Added some CPU models that did not have BSPs.
UPDATE_HELP 1.9 KB 88d594a   05/24/95 21:39:42 Joel Sherrill Fully tested on all in-house targets
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