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1#!KSHELL -p
3#  This script takes the output from the Timing Test Suite, reorders
4#  it, and adds headers so it is in the same order as is printed in
5#  the supplement.
10  echo "${progname} file [more files]"
15  echo
16  echo $*
17  echo
22  grep "$*" $files
28if [ $# -eq 0 ] ; then
29  usage
30  exit 0
35header Context Switch
36lookup context switch: self
37lookup context switch: to another task
38lookup context switch: no floating point contexts
39lookup fp context switch: restore 1st FP task
40lookup fp context switch: save initialized, restore initialized
41lookup fp context switch: save idle, restore initialized
42lookup fp context switch: save idle, restore idle
44header Task Manager
45lookup rtems_task_create
46lookup rtems_task_ident
47lookup rtems_task_start
48lookup rtems_task_restart: calling task
49lookup rtems_task_restart: suspended task -- returns to caller
50lookup rtems_task_restart: blocked task -- returns to caller
51lookup rtems_task_restart: ready task -- returns to caller
52lookup rtems_task_restart: suspended task -- preempts caller
53lookup rtems_task_restart: blocked task -- preempts caller
54lookup rtems_task_restart: ready task -- preempts caller
55lookup rtems_task_delete: calling task
56lookup rtems_task_delete: suspended task
57lookup rtems_task_delete: blocked task
58lookup rtems_task_delete: ready task
59lookup rtems_task_suspend: calling task
60lookup rtems_task_suspend: returns to caller
61lookup rtems_task_resume: task readied -- returns to caller
62lookup rtems_task_resume: task readied -- preempts caller
63lookup rtems_task_set_priority: obtain current priority
64lookup rtems_task_set_priority: returns to caller
65lookup rtems_task_set_priority: preempts caller
66lookup rtems_task_mode: obtain current mode
67lookup rtems_task_mode: no reschedule
68lookup rtems_task_mode: reschedule -- returns to caller
69lookup rtems_task_mode: reschedule -- preempts caller
70lookup rtems_task_get_note
71lookup rtems_task_set_note
72lookup rtems_task_wake_after: yield -- returns to caller
73lookup rtems_task_wake_after: yields -- preempts caller
74lookup rtems_task_wake_when
76header Interrupt Manager
77lookup interrupt entry overhead: returns to nested interrupt
78lookup interrupt entry overhead: returns to interrupted task
79lookup interrupt entry overhead: returns to preempting task
80lookup interrupt exit overhead: returns to nested interrupt
81lookup interrupt exit overhead: returns to interrupted task
82lookup interrupt exit overhead: returns to preempting task
84header Clock Manager
85lookup rtems_clock_set
86lookup rtems_clock_get
87lookup rtems_clock_tick
89header Timer Manager
90lookup rtems_timer_create
91lookup rtems_timer_ident
92lookup rtems_timer_delete: inactive
93lookup rtems_timer_delete: active
94lookup rtems_timer_fire_after: inactive
95lookup rtems_timer_fire_after: active
96lookup rtems_timer_fire_when: inactive
97lookup rtems_timer_fire_when: active
98lookup rtems_timer_reset: inactive
99lookup rtems_timer_reset: active
100lookup rtems_timer_cancel: inactive
101lookup rtems_timer_cancel: active
103header Semaphore Manager
104lookup rtems_semaphore_create
105lookup rtems_semaphore_ident
106lookup rtems_semaphore_delete
107lookup rtems_semaphore_obtain: available
108lookup rtems_semaphore_obtain: not available -- NO_WAIT
109lookup rtems_semaphore_obtain: not available -- caller blocks
110lookup rtems_semaphore_release: no waiting tasks
111lookup rtems_semaphore_release: task readied -- returns to caller
112lookup rtems_semaphore_release: task readied -- preempts caller
114header Message Queue Manager
115lookup rtems_message_queue_create
116lookup rtems_message_queue_ident
117lookup rtems_message_queue_delete
118lookup rtems_message_queue_send: no waiting tasks
119lookup rtems_message_queue_send: task readied -- returns to caller
120lookup rtems_message_queue_send: task readied -- preempts caller
121lookup rtems_message_queue_urgent: no waiting tasks
122lookup rtems_message_queue_urgent: task readied -- returns to caller
123lookup rtems_message_queue_urgent: task readied -- preempts caller
124lookup rtems_message_queue_broadcast: no waiting tasks
125lookup rtems_message_queue_broadcast: task readied -- returns to caller
126lookup rtems_message_queue_broadcast: task readied -- preempts caller
127lookup rtems_message_queue_receive: available
128lookup rtems_message_queue_receive: not available -- NO_WAIT
129lookup rtems_message_queue_receive: not available -- caller blocks
130lookup rtems_message_queue_flush: no messages flushed
131lookup rtems_message_queue_flush: messages flushed
133header Event Manager
134lookup rtems_event_send: no task readied
135lookup rtems_event_send: task readied -- returns to caller
136lookup rtems_event_send: task readied -- preempts caller
137lookup rtems_event_receive: obtain current events
138lookup rtems_event_receive: available
139lookup rtems_event_receive: not available -- NO_WAIT
140lookup rtems_event_receive: not available -- caller blocks
142header Signal Manager
143lookup rtems_signal_catch
144lookup rtems_signal_send: returns to caller
145lookup rtems_signal_send: signal to self
146lookup exit ASR overhead: returns to calling task
147lookup exit ASR overhead: returns to preempting task
149header Partition Manager
150lookup rtems_partition_create
151lookup rtems_partition_ident
152lookup rtems_partition_delete
153lookup rtems_partition_get_buffer: available
154lookup rtems_partition_get_buffer: not available
155lookup rtems_partition_return_buffer
157header Region Manager
158lookup rtems_region_create
159lookup rtems_region_ident
160lookup rtems_region_delete
161lookup rtems_region_get_segment: available
162lookup rtems_region_get_segment: not available -- NO_WAIT
163lookup rtems_region_get_segment: not available -- caller blocks
164lookup rtems_region_return_segment: no waiting tasks
165lookup rtems_region_return_segment: task readied -- returns to caller
166lookup rtems_region_return_segment: task readied -- preempts caller
168header Dual-Ported Memory Manager
169lookup rtems_port_create
170lookup rtems_port_ident
171lookup rtems_port_delete
172lookup rtems_port_internal_to_external
173lookup rtems_port_external_to_internal
175header IO Manager
176lookup rtems_io_initialize
177lookup rtems_io_open
178lookup rtems_io_close
179lookup rtems_io_read
180lookup rtems_io_write
181lookup rtems_io_control
183header Rate Monotonic Manager
184lookup rtems_rate_monotonic_create
185lookup rtems_rate_monotonic_ident
186lookup rtems_rate_monotonic_cancel
187lookup rtems_rate_monotonic_delete: active
188lookup rtems_rate_monotonic_delete: inactive
189lookup rtems_rate_monotonic_period: obtain status
190lookup rtems_rate_monotonic_period: initiate period -- returns to caller
191lookup rtems_rate_monotonic_period: conclude periods -- caller blocks
192exit 0
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