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  •, Added new test loopback which shows how to use the loopback interface. Thank you Eric Norum for a portable target independent test which exercises the TCP/IP. This should prevent massive failures in the TCP/IP stack from reaching the street.
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2# $Id$
5Simple test of kernel network code.
6Requires no network hardware since only the loopback network address is used.
8Output should look like:
10"Network" initializing!
11"Network" initialized!
12Try running client with no server present.
13Should fail with `connection refused'.
14Connect to server.
15Can't connect to server: Connection refused
16Client closing connection.
18Start server.
20Try running client with server present.
21Create socket.
22Connect to server.
23Bind socket.
24Can't connect to server: Connection refused
25Client closing connection.
26Client task terminating.
28Try running two clients.
29Connect to server.
30Connect to server.
33Write 22-byte message to server.
34Write 22-byte message to server.
35Read 43 from server: Server received 22 (Hi there, server (2).)
36Read 43 from server: Server received 22 (Hi there, server (3).)
37Client closing connection.
38Client task terminating.
39Worker task terminating.
40Client closing connection.
41Client task terminating.
42Worker task terminating.
44Try running three clients.
45Connect to server.
46Connect to server.
47Connect to server.
51Write 22-byte message to server.
52Write 22-byte message to server.
53Write 22-byte message to server.
54Read 43 from server: Server received 22 (Hi there, server (4).)
55Read 43 from server: Server received 22 (Hi there, server (5).)
56Read 43 from server: Server received 22 (Hi there, server (6).)
57Client closing connection.
58Client task terminating.
59Worker task terminating.
60Client closing connection.
61Client task terminating.
62Worker task terminating.
63Client closing connection.
64Client task terminating.
65Worker task terminating.
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