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2#  $Id$
5This is the directory under which the RTEMS
6test programs provided with the release are located.  The
7following is a description of the contents of each file and
8subdirectory directly in this directory:
10NOTE: Other than the 'samples' directory these tests are intended
11      only to exercise RTEMS features and are *not* good examples
12      of programming for RTEMS.
14    samples
16       This directory contains a set of simple sample applications
17       which can be used either to test a board support package
18       or as the starting point for a custom application.
[4e684a31]20    mptests
22       This directory contains the RTEMS Multiprocessor Test Suite.
23       The tests in this directory provide near complete (98%+) test
24       coverage of the multiprocessor specific code in RTEMS.
[4e684a31]26    psxtests
28       This directory contains the RTEMS POSIX API Test Suite.
29       The tests in this directory test the POSIX API support in RTEMS.
31    sptests
33       This directory contains the RTEMS Single Processor Test Suite.
34       The tests in this directory provide near complete (98%+) test
35       coverage of the non-multiprocessor code in RTEMS.
[4e684a31]37    tmtests
39       This directory contains the RTEMS Timing Test Suite.
40       The tests in this directory are used to measure the execution
41       time of RTEMS directive and some critical internal functions.
42       The results of these test are reported in the Fact Sheets
43       and Supplental Manuals.
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