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2003-07-25 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

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  •, include/, include/rdbg/, include/rdbg/i386/, include/rdbg/m68k/, include/rdbg/powerpc/, src/, src/i386/, src/i386/any/, src/m68k/, src/m68k/any/, src/powerpc/, src/powerpc/new_exception_processing/ Reflect having merged into ../
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[87fad5c]2## $Id$
[e37d7196]6if HAS_RDBG
[87fad5c]7SUBDIRS = $(RTEMS_CPU)
[70810dc]10EXTRA_DIST = _servtgt.c awk.svc excep.c ptrace.c rdbg.c remdeb.x servbkpt.c \
11    servcon.c servrpc.c servtgt.c servtsp.c servutil.c
[e37d7196]13include $(top_srcdir)/../../automake/
14include $(top_srcdir)/../../automake/
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