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Split SONIC chip into appropriate files for libchip'ing. The portable
portion is now in the libchip tree and the dmv177 configuration is in
the dmv177 bsp. The performance impact of libchip'ing this driver
was minimal.

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5This SONIC driver does not make any attempt to support the SONIC chip
6in any of the following modes:
8  + 16-bit
9  + little endian
11It does not attempt to handle SONIC's older than Revision C.  There is
12a bug in chips before that revision that must be handled in the driver.
14The configuration table should be discussed here but if you look in the
15include file for the sonic, it is reasonably obvious. :)
17The performance impact of transforming this driver into libchip format
18was minimal.
20The powerpc/dmv177 BSP uses this driver and can serve as an example
21configuration table.
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