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Support for variable length names added to Object Handler. This supports
both fixed length "raw" names and strings from the API's point of view.

Both inline and macro implementations were tested.

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1Various non BSP dependant support routines.
3clock - Uses the 403 PIT (Programmable interval timer) to
4        generate RTEMS clock ticks.
6console - Uses the 403 Internal serial port to do RTEMS
7        console I/O.  Not ALL memebers of the 403 family
8        have this.
10include - Currently empty
12timer - Uses the 403 timebase register for timing
13        tests.  Other PowerPCs have slightly different
14        timebase register definitions.
16vectors - PowerPC 403 specific vector entry points.
17        Includes CPU dependant, application independant
18        handlres: alignment.
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