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Patch from John Cotton <john.cotton@…>, Charles-Antoine Gauthier
<charles.gauthier@…>, and Darlene A. Stewart
<Darlene.Stewart@…> to add support for a number of very
significant things:

+ BSPs for many variations on the Motorola MBX8xx board series
+ Cache Manager including initial support for m68040

and PowerPC

+ Rework of mpc8xx libcpu code so all mpc8xx CPUs now use

same code base.

+ Rework of eth_comm BSP to utiltize above.

John reports this works on the 821 and 860

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5The location of the vectors file object is critical.
7From the comments at the head of vectors.S:
9  The issue with this file is getting it loaded at the right place.
10  The first vector MUST be at address 0x????0100.
11  How this is achieved is dependant on the tool chain.
15  The variable 'PPC_VECTOR_FILE_BASE' must be defined to be the
16  offset from 0x????0000 to the first location in the file.  This
17  will be either 0x0000 or 0xfff0.
19The eth_comm BSP defines PPC_VECTOR_FILE_BASE to be 0x00000000.
20The MBX8xx BSP also defines PPC_VECTOR_FILE_BASE to be 0x00000000.
21Change these values to 0xFFF00000 if your are implementing an actual
22boot rom.
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