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Patch from John Cotton <john.cotton@…>, Charles-Antoine Gauthier
<charles.gauthier@…>, and Darlene A. Stewart
<Darlene.Stewart@…> to add support for a number of very
significant things:

+ BSPs for many variations on the Motorola MBX8xx board series
+ Cache Manager including initial support for m68040

and PowerPC

+ Rework of mpc8xx libcpu code so all mpc8xx CPUs now use

same code base.

+ Rework of eth_comm BSP to utiltize above.

John reports this works on the 821 and 860

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5Various non BSP dependant support routines.
7clock - Uses the MPC860/MPC821 PIT (Programmable interval timer) to
8        generate RTEMS clock ticks.
10console_generic - Uses the MPC860/MPC821 SCCs and SMCs to to serial I/O.
12include - console.h: function declarations for console related functions
14timer - Uses the MPC860/MPC821 timebase register for timing
15        tests.  It only uses the lower 32 bits
17vectors - MPC860/MPC821 specific vector entry points.
18        Includes CPU dependant, application independant
19        handlers: alignment.
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