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  • Modified and to build the contents
  • mpc8260/, mpc8260/README, mpc8260/clock/, mpc8260/clock/clock.c, mpc8260/console-generic/, mpc8260/console-generic/console-generic.c, mpc8260/cpm/.cvsignore, mpc8260/cpm/, mpc8260/cpm/brg.c, mpc8260/cpm/cp.c, mpc8260/cpm/dpram.c, mpc8260/exceptions/.cvsignore, mpc8260/exceptions/, mpc8260/exceptions/asm_utils.S, mpc8260/exceptions/raw_exception.c, mpc8260/exceptions/raw_exception.h, mpc8260/include/, mpc8260/include/console.h, mpc8260/include/cpm.h, mpc8260/include/mmu.h, mpc8260/include/mpc8260.h, mpc8260/mmu/, mpc8260/mmu/mmu.c, mpc8260/timer/, mpc8260/timer/timer.c: New files.
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2#  $Id$
3#  Modified from mpc860 version by A. Dachs, 28-4-00
5Various non BSP dependant support routines.
7clock - Uses the MPC8260 decrementer to
8        generate RTEMS clock ticks.
10console_generic - Uses the MPC8260 SCCs and SMCs to to serial I/O
12include - console.h: function declarations for console related functions
14timer - Uses the MPC8260 timebase register for timing
15        tests.  It only uses the lower 32 bits
17vectors - MPC8260 specific vector entry points.
18        Includes CPU dependant, application independant
19        handlers: alignment.
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