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  • README,, mpc5xx/, mpc5xx/exceptions/raw_exception.c, mpc5xx/exceptions/raw_exception.h, mpc5xx/timer/timer.c, shared/include/cpuIdent.h: addition of a significant amount of MPC5xx support as part of the addition of the SS555 BSP.
  • mpc5xx/README, mpc5xx/clock/clock.c, mpc5xx/console-generic/console-generic.c, mpc5xx/include/console.h, mpc5xx/include/mpc5xx.h, mpc5xx/irq/irq.c, mpc5xx/irq/irq.h, mpc5xx/irq/irq_asm.S, mpc5xx/irq/irq_init.c, mpc5xx/vectors/vectors.S, mpc5xx/vectors/vectors.h, mpc5xx/vectors/vectors_init.c: New files.
  • mpc5xx/exceptions/asm_utils.S: Removed.
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5Various non-BSP-dependent support routines.
7timer -         Support for the RTEMS timer tick, using the Programmable
8                Interval Timer (PIT).
10console-generic - Console support via the on-chip dual SCI port in the QSMCM
11                module.
13exception -     Installation and deinstallation of exception handlers, by
14                manipulation of exception vector table.
16irq -           Exception handler for all external and decrementer interrupts.
17                Generalized interrupt handler which calls specific handlers
18                via entries in the interrupt connection table.  Interrupt
19                connection table maintenance routines.  USIU and UIMB
20                interrupt masking and level control.
22timer -         Support for RTEMS timer tests, using the PowerPC timebase
23                (TB) registers.
25vectors -       Compressed MPC5XX exception vector table, exception handler
26                prologues, default exception handler.  Code to initialize
27                table with default handlers.
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