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2001-11-08 Dennis Ehlin (ECS) <Dennis.Ehlin@…>

This modification is part of the submitted modifications necessary to
support the IBM PPC405 family. This submission was reviewed by
Thomas Doerfler <Thomas.Doerfler@…> who ensured it did
not negatively impact the ppc403 BSPs. The submission and tracking
process was captured as PR50.

  • ppc403/console/console405.c ppc403/tty_drv/.cvsignore, ppc403/tty_drv/, ppc403/tty_drv/tty_drv.c, ppc403/tty_drv/tty_drv.h: New files.
  •, README,, old_exception_processing/cpu.c, old_exception_processing/cpu.h, ppc403/, ppc403/clock/clock.c, ppc403/console/, ppc403/console/console.c, ppc403/ictrl/ictrl.c, ppc403/ictrl/ictrl.h, ppc403/timer/timer.c: Modified.
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2#  $Id$
5This hierarchy contains support routines for some of
6the varied and quite numerous PowerPC processors
7available from IBM and Motorola.
9Since these routines can differ amongst different members
10of the PowerPC family, an entry per CPU type is provided.
12At this time, support is included for the following PowerPC
13family members using the new exception processing model:
15  + mpc505
16  + mpc6xx
17  + mpc750
18  + mpc821
19  + mpc823 (uses mpc821 directory)
20  + mpc850 (uses mpc860 directory)
21  + mpc860
22  + mpc8260
24The following PowerPC family members are supported but
25still use the old exception processing model:
27  + ppc403
28  + ppc405 (uses ppc403 directory)
29  + ppc6xx (no libcpu support)
31Note that because of similarities in various family members,
32the mpc823 should be able to use the mpc821 code and the
33mpc850 should be able to use the mpc850 code.
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