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[400c552]2## $Id$
[4e36a2f]6PGM = $(ARCH)/fpsp.rel
[5321250]8include $(top_srcdir)/../../../automake/
9include $(top_srcdir)/../../../automake/
11C_FILES = rtems_fpsp.c
[39fa3ed]12OBJS = $(C_FILES:%.c=$(ARCH)/%.$(OBJEXT))
[b98c8c9]14noinst_HEADERS = fpsp.defs
16S_FILES = bindec.S binstr.S bugfix.S decbin.S do_func.S gen_except.S \
17    get_op.S kernel_ex.S res_func.S round.S rtems_skel.S sacos.S sasin.S \
18    satan.S satanh.S scale.S scosh.S setox.S sgetem.S sint.S slog2.S slogn.S \
19    smovecr.S srem_mod.S ssin.S ssinh.S stan.S stanh.S sto_res.S stwotox.S \
20    tbldo.S util.S x_bsun.S x_fline.S x_operr.S x_ovfl.S x_snan.S x_store.S \
21    x_unfl.S x_unimp.S x_unsupp.S
[39fa3ed]22OBJS += $(S_FILES:%.S=$(ARCH)/%.$(OBJEXT))
25# (OPTIONAL) Add local stuff here using +=
[4e36a2f]28$(PGM): $(OBJS)
[400c552]29        $(make-rel)
31if m68040
[4e36a2f]32all-local: $(ARCH) $(OBJS) $(PGM)
[4e36a2f]35.PRECIOUS: $(PGM)
37EXTRA_DIST = README bindec.S binstr.S bugfix.S decbin.S do_func.S fpsp.defs \
38    gen_except.S get_op.S kernel_ex.S res_func.S round.S rtems_fpsp.c \
39    rtems_skel.S sacos.S sasin.S satan.S satanh.S scale.S scosh.S setox.S \
40    sgetem.S sint.S slog2.S slogn.S smovecr.S srem_mod.S ssin.S ssinh.S \
41    stan.S stanh.S sto_res.S stwotox.S tbldo.S util.S x_bsun.S x_fline.S \
42    x_operr.S x_ovfl.S x_snan.S x_store.S x_unfl.S x_unimp.S x_unsupp.S
[5321250]44include $(top_srcdir)/../../../automake/
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