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Last change on this file since dbdb0255 was dbdb0255, checked in by Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill@…>, on May 6, 2008 at 8:58:05 PM

2008-05-06 Ray Xu <…>

  •,,, s3c2400/include/s3c2400.h: Add CPU type s3c2410. Add a new s3c24xx common file shared between s3c2400 and s3c2410. Most content is moved from s3c2400 now. Some were changed to include <s3c24xx.h> instead of <s3c2400.h>.
  • s3c2410/include/s3c2410.h, s3c2410/irq/bsp_irq_asm.S, s3c2410/irq/irq.h, s3c24xx/clock/clockdrv.c, s3c24xx/clock/support.c, s3c24xx/include/s3c24xx.h, s3c24xx/irq/bsp_irq_init.c, s3c24xx/irq/irq.c, s3c24xx/irq/irq.h, s3c24xx/timer/timer.c: New files.
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1/* irq.h
2 *
3 *  Note: This file will not be compiled, it just a place holder by now
4 */
6#ifndef _IRQ_H_
7#define _IRQ_H_
9// This file is a place holder
10// The real irq.h preinstalled is s3c2410/irq/irq.h and s3c2410/irq/irq.h
11// change/refer to this files
12// TODO: clean irq.h in ARM BSP. there is lots of duplicated codes in cpu_name/irq/irq.h with cpukit/include/rtems/irq.h
15#endif /* _IRQ_H_ */
16/* end of include file */
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