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Added base version of file system infrastructure. This includes a major
overhaul of the RTEMS system call interface. This base file system is
the "In-Memory File System" aka IMFS.

The design and implementation was done by the following people:

+ Joel Sherrill (joel@…)
+ Jennifer Averett (jennifer@…)
+ Steve "Mr Mount" Salitasc (salitasc@…)
+ Kerwin Wade (wade@…)


+ It is VERY likely that merging this will break the UNIX port. This

can/will be fixed.

+ There is likely some reentrancy/mutual exclusion needed.

+ Eventually, there should be a "mini-IMFS" description table to

eliminate links, symlinks, etc to save memory. All you need to
have "classic RTEMS" functionality is technically directories
and device IO. All the rest could be left out to save memory.

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5+ newlib 1.8.0 has the wrong prototype for at least read() and write().
7+ There should be a "eat it" stub for all system calls which are
8  available to make filling out an operations table easier. 
9  See device_lseek() for an example of where this would be nice.
11+ Fix strerror() so it prints all error numbers.
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