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v850 port: Initial addition with BSP for simulator in GDB


+ v850 does not have appear to have any optimized bit scan instructions
+ v850 does have single instructions for wap u16 and u32
+ Code path optimization preferences set
+ Add BSP variants for each GCC CPU model flag and a README

  • v850e1 variant does not work (fails during BSP initialization)

BSP for GDB v850 Simulator

+ linkcmds matches defaults in GDB simulator with RTEMS mods
+ crt1.c added from v850 newlib port for main()
+ BSP exits cleanly
+ printk and console I/O work
+ uses clock tick from IDLE task
+ Tests not requiring real clock ISR work


+ CPU Supplment chapter for v850 added

  • Property mode set to 100644
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1This directory contains a family of BSPs for the v850 simulator
2found in the GNU Debugger. A variant is provided for each CPU
3model option flag found in the GCC SVN head as of 30 May 2012.
5This simulator is an instruction simulator and does not include
6devices for a clock tick or benchmark timer driver. Traps are used
7to provide console I/O.
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